Hellow World

Hi All,

I’‘m a beginner for smack, i need to implement the smack API in our Dashboard kind off application for posting messages, Can anyone let me know what are all the prerequsites to start working on the API, i’'ll be able to do on my self once i get started.

Thank You

You’'ll either need the src or the jar files and a java compiler. Thats about it I think

Yes Jon, I’'ve all the jars…etc needed

I’'m asking if any server like wildfire needs to be installed , do i need to get a permission to acces throgh a particular port …etc.

Can you help me regarding that ?

Wildfire only needs to be installed if you want to use it. Its simply a XMPP server written by Jive.

If you dont want to use it then you dont have to. There are plenty of public xmpp servers available out there. jabber.org being the most famous

No permission are required. You can simply download an existing jabber client and create an account on a server and your away. Or you can use smack to create your own client.