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Help. Android Smack Upload File to Server

hi everyone,

I am newbie. Im creating a chat application. I can connect and send message 1:1.

But now I wanna to send file(image …v.) but i can not find any solution or tutorial.
I search on gg, there was 2 option:

  1. Use customize Iq packet. --> But i find old solution and all most function is out of date. So i stuck
  2. Use a
    final URL url = HttpFileUploadManager.getInstanceFor(connection).uploadFile(test);
    –> But server return “Invalid Name File”

Please help me.

Please follow this link and provide the following information:

  • Smack version
  • Server software (+version)
  • Your actual code to send the file (not just the single line)
  • The stanza trace

This is the least you can do to help us help you help yourselves :slight_smile:

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