Help Chat


I want to have a help chat on my site. So when the user gets stuck on a page or whatever they can click a button and get straight into a chat with an available member of staff.

I am using

babbler - java client

converse.js - javascript client

openfire - server

Currently I have prebinding working so when the user clicks on a button they get auto signed in to openfire then if an available member of staff sees them online then they can query if they need help. I would like to automate this so I can see if there is an available member of staff and if so I will initiate the chat between the user and the staff member. This kind of system is in a lot of sites these days I see it in the 02 site, virginmedia and a lot of other telecoms sites.

Is there an easy way to do this using Openfire? Prehaps a pluigin that can help out?



Sorry just seen some stuff on Fastpath. It seems that this does what I am talking about, is this the recommended approach?

In theory yes. But be prepared to encounter various issues and bugs with Fastpath. It is not in development for many years.

Ok , thanks for the warning. Some documentation seems to suggest you need an enterprise edition of openfire though I can see the plugin available in the free version that I have downloaded. Do you know if there is any difference here?

Must be very old documentation. It was a part of enterprise version around 8 years ago.