Help configuring Openfire Please

Just installed Openfire on a Windows Environment, had a play around and am using “Spark” as the client. Despite going through the various config options over Openfire, I cannot get any “Groups” to show up when Spark logs in.

Is there any sort of setup manual floating around, getting very frustrated



Are you using LDAP?

Enable contact list group sharing then enter the same name as the group your user name must be in the group for it to shoe up on your roster so add user.Then exit your spark messenger and goto you start and start your spark again.If you are going to work with groups you mite like this plugin there is one for each openfire version


Thanks guys for your help, I am pulling my hair out a little with this but will stick with it.

I am using Server 2003, there is no exchange or LDAP so am presuming I must add users manually. ??

Okay what I would LIKE to happen if possible, is that I put in all the users (30) but somehow I would like everyone to see all users, or even if I grouped them in their departments, but cannot see how this can be done, without having to enter every user, then enter every users on all the buddy lists ??

I dont mind typing in the user names/list, but going to be a pain if I have to type the same list for every user to be able to see everyone else.

Any advise would be great…even a walkthrough

Many many thanks


i think you have to add every user manualy. (there is a plugin called "

User Import Export ", perhaps this would be helpfull ???)

in openfire you can create groups and enable in this group “Enable contact list group sharing”. now you have to add your users to this group and everyone will see it on their contactlist.

What you are trying to achieve can be done via Group Sharing and configuring the Subscription plugin to Accept all. Create whatever organizational groups you would like to use. Add the users to those groups then share the groups. The members of the grooups will automatically get the groups in their rosters. If you have a group with all users in it everyone will get the group.

That sounds like an excellent method, shall go and give it a go now many thanks