Help connecting two different Wildfire Servers pls

Hi hope someone can advise me on this.

We have multiple sister companies - all on the same WAN but with their own subnets and we’‘d like to start putting a Wildfire server at each site - we’'re just testing this at the moment.

So what we’'ve done so far is install one server on an ip address such as: - and another on -

The IP addresses are being used as the domain names of the servers

We can ping between these addresses no problem, but we cant seem to get ther servers talking to each other - and when I try to add a contact to my roster such as "mike@" nothing happens - no request for connection appears for the other user.

Any ideas?

Hmm, I’'ve never tried this with IPs instead of DNS names for domain names. Have you checked the server-to-server settings page in the webadmin?

Yes we’'ve added the IP Addresses to each WebConsole - still nothing happening - do we need to restart the Wildfire servers?

As I understand this process, when the server for domainA receives your request for user@domainB, serverA looks up the SRV records for XMPP domain “domainB” to know where to send the request for user. If there aren’‘t SRV records for the domain that describe xmpp-server.tcp.domainB and the like, the server at domainA won’'t even process the request for a lack of direction.

I’‘m not an expert by any stretch, but I did fight my way through this when different server products and client products interchanged the terms “domain” and “server” and “xmpp domain”. Seeing "" instead of "" in requests taught me what I was missing. If I’‘m mistaken about this, someone else is welcome to enlighten me. I’'ve just never seen user@ JID formatting before.

Hi All,

Using IP addresses is not common place but should work fine.

Murray, are you seeing any messages in your logs that might indicate what the problem is?



Sorry not too sure where I should be looking for error messages - I’'m a bit of a noob at this : )

If you tell me where to find the info I’'ll see whats there.

Thanks for the help so far.

Hi Murray,

No worries. We all have to start somewhere.

Log into the Wildifre Admin Console and on the “Server” tab under “Server Manager” you’‘ll see a “Logs” menu option. We’‘re mostly interested in what is (or isn’'t) in the “Error” and “Warn” logs.



You wrote you were able to ping between each server. Did you also check if the port XMPP uses for server-to-server communication (TCP 5269) happens to be firewalled?


Okay I’'ve restarted the server, I also cleared down the logs before the restart to clear any old rubbish. So far the only error message I see is as follows:

at org.jivesoftware.wildfire.update.UpdateManager.checkForServerUpdate(UpdateManag

at org.jivesoftware.wildfire.update.UpdateManager$

2006.07.20 08:52:52 [org.jivesoftware.wildfire.update.UpdateManager$

] Error checking for updates Connection refused: connect

at Method)

at Source)

at Source)

at Source)

at Source)

at Source)

at Source)

at Source)

I’'ve also checked and I know for certain at least one of the servers is not blocking port 5269 - I will need to check the other one later today when my colleagues from out sister company start work (the joys of working in different time zones !)

That looks like your server is unable to open a socket. Are you running it as a very restricted user, by any chance? Did you make you sure the server was stopped before you started a new one?

It was installed under the Administrator login so it shouldn’'t be an access problem.

Since 3.0, Wildfire has an updatemanager that checks with JiveSoftware if new plugins are available. That actions generates the error you posted. My guess is your firewall is denying access. If that’'s the case, that error is unrelated to your original problem, as far as I can see.

Server-to-server connections won’‘t be initiated until they’‘re needed. So, if you don’‘t see any errors after you’‘ve started Wildfire, that’'s no big surprise. Try to do something from one server with a user from another server (subscribe, send messages). At that time, a connection should be created. Enable your debug log (through the webadmin interface) and see if something gets logged.