Help - Contact list not updating automatically


I’m using Openfire + LDAP + Pandion as client in a small company.

I will try to explain my problem the best I can:

  • User A log in.

  • User B log in.

  • User A don’t see User B unless log off and in again.

And this keep happening when more and more users log in. Is like, if I want an update contact list, I have to log off and in to see who actually is online.

I tried to change the client since Pandion is not being update a long time but no luck. Seems to be the server, but the configuration is pretty standard.

Actually, I can see that someone logged in or out because the notification that shows nearby the clock, but the list itself don’t update.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

This might be because the way they are subscribed to each others presence, and privacy lists. Also, they could be using invisibility, but it is not XMPP standard (I’m not sure if OpenFire supports it).

I am having the exact same problem. This is not a “privacy settings” issue as previously replied.

I’m using Openfire 3.5.1 (Windows 2003) w/ Spark 2.5.8 (Windows XP SP2) and Kopete 0.12.7 (Kubuntu 7.10)

If I am logged in and someone else signs on, sometimes I can see that they have signed on and sometimes I can not (majority of the time I can not see them sign on). I have to log off and back on in order for the person to show up in my contact list.


The only thing that I’m sure right now is that has something to do with the LDAP settings.

I disable LDAP and recreated the server with users creating accounts and so on and the problem disappeared.

Anyway, I still can’t make it work

I’m actually not using LDAP at all. So I don’t believe this to be the problem.

Have you tried to clean the cache?

There is an option under the Server settings tab -> Cache summary.

Select all the boxes and click in “clean the cache”

Or something like that

I just cleared it, thanks. I’ll see if that helps any. There wasn’t much in use anyway, so I don’t expect that to help, but who knows.

No, that suggestion made it worse. Now, not only are people on and I can’t see them, but if I sign off and sign back on I still can not see them.

That is weird because that is the main suggestion if you look in another threads about the similar problem.

Anyway, sorry for the bad suggestion then :stuck_out_tongue: