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Help Desk Plugin

Right now at our company we use an email distribution group for our helpdesk.

I am looking for a plugin that would allow openfire to recieve the email and send an IM to serveral users where they could reply to the question and the user would recieve an email with the response. I would also like the plugin to send an email back to the user requesting help notifying them if there arent any avalable techs at the moment.

I am guessing this would need to be some sort of a bot. I am new to useing openfire so I have no clue what plugins are out there for this or if what I am requesting is even possible with openfire.


I wonder whether a (for example Smack based) client or a component (helpdeskbot.example.com) would be a better solution.


I have no clue. I am not sure if anything is even built for what I want. I really hope there is somthing for it already though.

Hi Matthew,

As LG pointed out there are a couple of different solutions to what you’re looking at doing. I’d probably lean towards sticking with a plugin that monitors a mailbox for new emails and when it finds one it sends an IM to a predefined helpdesk group.

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any plugins that would meet your needs. But, if you have some Java development experience you could probably write one yourself. If you’re not a developer drop me a line and we can discuss how I could help you out.

Hope that helps,



I’m not aware of such a “gateway”. Actually it needs some AI, especially while accepting emails. An email may contain attachments and may be very long.


There is the Email Listener plugin http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins.jsp, and Openfire can also send emails (you can set smtp settings). So, this is a start. I don’t know any plugin nor bot which exactly fits the need. This task will need some coding for sure.