Help, exposing my server to the outside world

I’ve set my windows vista machine up as a webserver for learning purposes. I’ll use *ficticious *names throughout.

My computers’ name is: abc (full name:

I’m running Apache 2.2.

I’ve set up a dynamic dns, name is:

I’ve built a simple BOSH/javascript/html xmpp debugger to view incoming/outgoing messages to the openfire server.

I can access this site by going to, and I can login using at the site using:



I’ve, also had someone log in successfully from a remote location using the above format.

But, I cannot log in using:


How do I enable the above functionality?

I *can *run a local (same machine[] as openfire server) Spark client and log in using both of the above examples.

I’ve also tested logging into the admin console at, and that works fine.

I’ve opened the following ports:

80 - webserver

9090 - openfire admin console

7070- openfire bosh connections

5222-5223 - openfire xmpp clients

5269 - openfire server2server

From this old (and possibly outdated?) discussion it seems the next thing to try is to change my Openfire->System Property->xmpp.domain from it’s current value: abc to:

Everytime I’ve tried this, I can restart the server, but I cannot even log into the admin console. I end up having to uninstall and reinstall/start over.

I figured this out, kind of a silly mistake but took me a minute to realize what I did.

If you change your xmpp.domain from ‘’ to ‘’, you also need to make sure you change your sysadmin property to reflect the change. Otherwise your admin account will still be listed as and you won’t be able to log into the admin console. (Though I have been informed that you can set openfire.xml true to false to avoid having to reinstall)