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Help get Spark to talk to BlackBerry IM clients!

Hi everyone!

I’m a software developer in Guam, trying to make some headway with an ongoing problem regarding open IM clients like Spark and the inability to communicate with BlackBerry Messenger IM clients. I’ve written an open letter to Research in Motion that’s served as a living petition to ask them to support XMPP-based federation of their network with other open platforms: http://jasonsalas.com/2009/02/open-letter-to-rim-about-im-network.html

If you have the same strong desire as I and many in the developmental, business or user communities do about wanting to have that platform be more open to federation, please read it and sign your name/Jabber ID/URL on the post referenced in the URL above to help motivate RIM to consider building cross-network interoperability into their product. Or, better yet, write your own letter to RIM and reinforce the argument. It’s sorely needed, and would be an amazing way to add value to Spark and other platforms. It’ll make the experience of instant messaging so much better for everyone.

Thanks for your time!

Jason Salas

Interactive Media Director / News Anchor


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