Help. i am very anxious to need these files!

in this URL: kimpl/preference/chat”; kimpl/plugin/char”

I cant see the files in the “chat” folder.

can anybody send the inner files to me, thx very much!

my email:

Where can you not see these files?

Did you svn co the repository?

You might want to try to svn checkout again. I’'ve noticed it takes a little bit of time for the whole thing to check out.

You can also check the files out via online.

What steps are you going through that you are having a hard time looking for these files?

Please explain youself the best you can.

So myself and others can help you the best we can.


sorry, my english isn’'t very good.

  i don''t know how to down load the whole spark source for one time,so i download them one by one via this URL :       use IE,  right click and save the target as....

it’'s very foolish to do like this ,en!

  when i go to the URL :     " kimpl/preference/chat/"    then the page cannot be displayed. so i cant download the file in it.

can anybody tell me some easy way the down load the whole source?

cyclone :

You might want to try to svn checkout again // how can i checkout?

ahhh I understand.

Yeah, you will want to use the subversion client.

Go here:

Download the .msi Installer for Tortoise svn client.

Once you have downloaded and installed this application.

Go to a Directory/Folder where you want to put the Spark source Code.

Right click anywhere IN that folder.

Then click on SVN Checkout

You will then be presented with a window with Checkout on the top and a Text Field for a URL.

Put into that URL field.

Then click OK

This should then start to download all the source files and create a directory structure exactly as they were on the website you were downloading from.


This will be a lot quicker then downloading each one manually.

You may also want to check up on subversion and how to use it. It is a great tool.


thank u very much, cyclone!