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Help, I need to turn off caching in openfire

Hi folks,

This is driving me crazy. I’‘m trying to build a jsp into my openfire plugin which contains a swf. I’‘ve compiled and re-compiled the plugin and altered it so that I can tell whether or not it’'s being changed when I compile it into the plugin.

The new swf does get included in the plugin jar – I can go to the new swf directly through it’‘s URL http://myserver:9090/plugins/myplugin/myswf and the new version is visible – but on the JSP it’‘s still using the original version I built and that version doesn’'t work.

Is there some sort of caching going on here and can I turn it off for development?



Whoops… there was an error in my flash which was causing it to look like it was cached. Figured it all out!