Help - I'm new


I’m new too this side an in general in openfire, spark etc.

My name is Tobias, I’m from good old germany and I need your help.

I wanne build up a community site. I installed WindowsServer 2008 on a PC next to me

Next I’m working with a CMS and I host the site with Microsoft IIS7. All this is runs well.

I’m searching for a very good chatserver programm and found this site. I think this is exactly the one I need, but I have many problems setting up the openfire server.

I installed openfire.exe, set up a mysql database and I can also login to the adminconsole, but now my problem is, how can I connect with Spark to the server or how can I connect via web to the server. I’m very frustrated because I like this software aber minutes but now I’m not abel to go on with it.

I hope you can help me setting up this chat-server, because I’m in love with it

If you have understanding problems please ask me and I wanne describe my problem in another way.

best wishes


When you open Spark you need to put in your username, password and domain (one you assigned to your OpenFire server). By default it will use TCP/5222 to communicate. There is not much more you have to do, well except for either manually created this user or allow for auto create and use your Spark feature to create user.

In some cases you may have connection problem due to TCP/5222 filtered by firewall, ACL, … so the easiest test is to telnet to this port and see what you get in response. Of course you can use other sniffing software if you like to find out if port is open and accessible.

For the web client simply use SparkWeb, configuration is self-explanatory.

Cool, thanks for your fast reply. I used the wrong domain. But I have a second question. Can now everybody in the world connect to my server if I tell the people my domain? How does it work because I don’t tell spark the IP adress of my server?

If you have generel site or documentation for newbies please tell me about it

thx thx thx

best wishes