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Help in setting up a more sophisticated self registration environment

Hello .!

I am looking for some advice about how to set up self registration in a specific way. Just hoping that someone has already done something similar.

I will describe what I am looking for.

I run a small Openfire installation for a group of people within the company I work for.

This is a self-organized effort and not supported by the IT group of the organization. Also the server is hosted externally and not within the company network in order to allow access from anywhere anytime.

Now, the group of people is growing and I want to establish a secure self registration process.


Ideally, the user would need to provide a valid company email address (only accept email addresses from a specific domain) and the email would be validated by sending an email with a validation link in there.


Optionally an email is sent to me asking for approval of that self registration with a one-click link to approve or deny the registration request.


If possible, I would like to automatically add people to a group chat ACL as members after they have self registered.

Has anyone done something similar before?

thanks a lot!