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HELP! JWCHAT Freezes with Openfire Gateway


I really need some urgent help, I know everybody posting here doest, ok here is my problem, I have installed the latest version of openfire, with the gateway plugin, it works perfectly if I use a desktop client like PSI (Retrieves all my contacts in no time) , but if I try to use my JWCHAT with the MSN transport it just cause the browser to freeze, Well the thing is that I have 500 contacts or so, but here are some points:

  1. If I register to the MSN transport and I use a desktop client like PSI there is no freezing and works like a charm.

  2. If I try to use the JWCHAT installation it get freezeed when are a lot of contacts, I created a new account and added some people like 5 and it doesnt get freezed so mainly is because the amount of users.

  3. I guess one of the most importants I said ok, it may be issue of JWCHAT, so in my JWCHAT installation I changed the server to a public jabber server ( 12jabber.com ) who offers MSN Transport. And it didnt got Freezed.

I have tested this in my local PC (Intel Core Duo 2.0 2 GB Ram) and in my dedicated server (P4 2.8 2 GB Centos) . Also Im using MYSQL database for Openfire.

I also tried the RED5 plugin which comes comes with a jwchat but the case is worst.

I would reallly but really apreciate if somebody could help me out to identify the issue and if possible point me to a solution. BTW maybe you are thinking ok use PSI instead, the issue is that is 100% required for a project Im working on to use a web based jabber client in this case JWCHAT.

I know there is a lot of smart people who can help me out with this matter, I will appreciate it a lot, even Im willing to pay some money (I dont have much but something simbolic) if required to the right person who is willing to provide me with a solution since I have days and days try over try and Im getting crazy here.

Best Regards


Unfortunately I can’‘t really speak for JWChat much. I can’‘t get the bloody thing to even display my roster at all, let alone work with the gateways. It doesn’‘t seem to interact with me much at all. It’‘s on my list of things to evaluate if it’‘s even something i can compensate for really well. If it’‘s reasonable, I’‘ll aim to make it work. If it’‘s not, then I’'ll ping the devs and try to get them to fix.