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HELP? Logging in with Gmail/GTalk account on Spark

Yeah i know there are millions of threads like this, but i couldn’t find what i was looking for

Can someone please help me?

I just downloaded spark 2.5.7, and tried to log in with my gmail account

username: username@gmail.com

password: ********

Server: talk.google.com

It keeps on saying invalid password… what more do i need to do?

Try using the port 5223 (secured) instead of the default 5222.

Nah it didn’t work…

there must b somethin im doing wrong wit my network settings…

automatically detect sever: no

Host: talk.google.com

Port: 5223

Resource: Pandion - ??

Timeout: 10sec

Use old SSL: Yes

Compression: Yes

Start Debugger: No

Proxy: None


Can you see anything i might have done wrong?


username = username leaving off the @gmail.com

server = gmail.com

In the advanced window i set

host =gmail.com

port = 5722

all other boxes are unchecked

yeah that worked fine

u just 4got 2 mention that the first checkbox had to be checked, but thanx anywayz