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Help Need OpenFire Server and Spark connection with clients

I was able to setup the open server on a windows server 2008 ,which acts as the domain for the company

Am able to run sparks on server ,meaning am able to login

I installed sparks on a client machine ,if I try login it gives the error

invalid user name or password

Awaiting on repsonse on how to allow clients connect to the server



Since you already used Spark on the same machine; then I guess it isn’t a configuration problem on server side (Spark I mean).

However, since you are running it on a Domain Controller as I got from your post, then I think it might be a firewall problem.

Make sure clients can communicate with the server on port 5222 and this should solve your problem

If not; some more details would be nice

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When you configured the openfire server did you give it a fully qualified domain name (i.e. openfire.domain.com)? Does the openfire name used in the config have a valid dns entry? Is the firewall of the server configured to allow port 5222?