Help.. Need to know about shared user functionality

Ok, my question is this. Does SPARK allow multiple users on the same “client?” Example (I’m sorry if I don’t know all the terminology but I do know what I want) I have my personal SPARK. But I work in a department of several people that all do the same job. When people from another department need information from our department any of us could answer but they have no way of asking all of us unless they do broadcasts and broadcasts take to long to set up and do someone has a question for us. We want the ability for any one of us to answer the question or ignore the question if we are to busy. I know yahoo messenger has the ability to create a “group” user that can be opened on multiple computers and at the same time each person can have their own SPARK open so that they may still be able to get and send messages between each other or other depts. What do I have to do to get our SPARK to do this if it can? If I did not explain this issue well enough please let me know and I can re-think the question.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The easiest way is to setup a group chat room and jon it with your co-workers. So others would have to join that room to ask a question and anyone of you (or all) would answer.

There is also a Fastpath plugin for Openfire and also this is already bundled into Spark. You can setup agents and quries in this plugin. Then a person who has a question would start a chat with a workgroup (say called “Support”) and answer some questions in a form. Then this request will be forwarded to a workgroup and to the first available agent, who will have an option to start a chat or transfer it further. This option can be a bit tricky.

Thanks for the info. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but I guess I’m going to try to use the group chat to my advantange then… it’s the closest to what I need.