Help needed to run WEBCHAT

I installed the plugin and did accourding to information found on this plugin.

Now when i go to http://:<port_number>/webchat i get

List of available workgroups within Fastpath

Click on one of the following workgroups to join.

but cant find any workgroups.

Help needed…


can u discribe more


1)Did u seleted fastpath workgroups in spark end

2)Did u create work groups in spark end

In the Openfire admin site you need to click on the Fastpath tab and configure a workgroup.


Also use these as a reference:

Fastpath Non-LDAP:

Fastpath LDAP:

I dont have FastPath tab in my openfire. Did i miss something?

Oops srry. I missed to install fastpath services. I had installed only fastpath webchat plugin. Now I can see fastpath tab on my openfire. I have created a group also. When i try to connect through web at adress: http://:<port_number>/webchat then i can see a workgroup. when i click that i get new window form. when i give a name mail and ques then and it asks admin to accept or reject. If i accept then it connects and disconnects automatically.

dear Debendra,

Please let me know to install fastpath service to show in openfire console tab?