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Help Please ::: Spark Manual/Guide for Users

Hello everyone.

Do any of you have a guide/manual of the basics to give to your users once Spark is installed? I don’'t need installation instructions…just “how to use” instructions.

I do realize this will change somewhat for each organization.

I’‘m not being lazy…I’'m just not trying to reinvent the wheel and have not found a guide on JiveSoftware yet.

If I end up writing one…I’'ll post it for all… but it may be a few weeks.

Take care!


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Hi Shooga,

there are many hidden features within Spark and I’‘m not aware of a manual. You’'re probably only interested in a description of the standard features and menus and the buttons in the chat windows plus some right-click popup menus. As it is free software I understand that Jive Software does not invest too much in creating a documentation.

If one could write a documentation and release it this would be a very nice contribution to Spark.


Heh. You remind me that some time ago i was thinking to write Using Guide for Exodus But i dont have time and of course i’‘m too lazy to do this. Meanwhile i just show some basics for every new worker i set PC for. This is enough, though many of them are not using most of Exodus features (cant determine this is good or bad ). So, i’'ll update my todo list and let it sink again

I remember someone (wmhtet maybe?) was doing Using manual for Wildfire (Jive Messenger at that time). A HTML one. Looked nice. With screenshots. So i can only advice you to use a lot of visual information/examples if you are going to write it by yourself in the end.