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Help porting 4 lines AdHockCommand from gloox

I need some help in figuring out AdhocCommand creation in Smack.

From this C++ gloox app: https://github.com/szatmary/iAlert/blob/master/logitechcameras.cpp

void Logitech700eCamera::commandNvrBasicGet()


gloox::DataForm *form = new gloox::DataForm(gloox::TypeSubmit,“Get NVR Basic Request”);

form->addField( gloox::DataFormField::TypeHidden, “FORM_TYPE”, “urn:logitech-com:logitech-alert:nvr:basic:get” );

gloox::Adhoc::Command *cmd = new gloox::Adhoc::Command(“urn:logitech-com:logitech-alert:nvr:basic:get”, gloox::Adhoc::Command::Execute, form);

m_xmppClient->sendCommand( cmd );


UPDATE: ok, so in the time since the posting was approved by moderators, I think I stumbled into the .execute method I needed I believe this is equal code in Smack:

Form form1 = new Form(Form.TYPE_SUBMIT);

form1.setTitle(“Get NVR Basic Request”);

FormField field1 = new FormField(“FORM_TYPE”);




 AdHocCommandManager ahcmanager = AdHocCommandManager.getAddHocCommandsManager(connection);

RemoteCommand ahcommand = ahcmanager.getRemoteCommand("server@", "urn:logitech-com:logitech-alert:nvr:basic:get");


I’ll leave thread here in case anyone wants to suggest better technique. I found very few examples on the net of AdHocCommands for smack.