Help: reading/restoring history chat log, freeze Spark when hover user name, etc

Hello every body.

I’m new to this forum and i have some questions, hope u guys can help me:

  1. Me and my co-workers using Spark 2.6.3 at work. Recently when someone in my buddy list chat with me or when i hover my mouse to their name in buddy list window, it will freezing my Spark client, and i have to End Spark via Task Manager and re-login. It happens too when i chat with some other people (when i chat with them, their Spark client freezing). Temporary solution for my co-workers -who get spark freezing when i chatting with them- is reinstall Spark, downgrade from version 2.6.3 to 2.5.8. So what is the rootcause for this? and is there a way to fix?

Some information about our pc: Window 7 SP2 32 bit - Spark client 2.6.3 (or 2.5.8)

  1. If i update my Spark client (current 2.6.3) to newest version (2.7.1?) by this steps: uninstall 2.6.3 then install 2.7.1 version, will i loss my history chat log? Is there a way to keep it? I have lost my history log before when i downgrade from 2.6.3 to 2.5.8 so yeah…

  2. Some people in my buddy list always have “Not online” status (like 99% of the time), although they set their status to “online”, no matter how many time they re-login or reinstall Spark. They can chat still but they are unable to receive group broadcast messenger or files sending via Spark. What is the rootcause for this? and what we need to do to fix it?

  3. Is there a way to auto-edit the history chat log so i can make it “easier” to read? (sorry im not good at editing)

Current chat log: 2.6.3 2.6.3


2015-08-17 10:33:42.685 ICT

** ** 2.6.3 2.6.3


2015-08-17 10:34:12.504 ICT


2015-08-17 10:33:42.685 ICT B: =(

2015-08-17 10:34:12.504 ICT A: hì

I would be really grateful if you guys could help me out.

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First of all, i ask to not put forum users’ names in your posts. Everyone you mention this way will get a notification and this is a bit of annoyance. Your thread will be read by someone when they have time for this and go to the forums.

  1. This is happening because of the bug in 2.6.3 version which corrupts history files and when Spark tries to load corrupted file it hangs (when you open chat, send messages, hover names, etc.). To fix this you will have to delete your history file (or just the corrupted parts, but it will be hard to find them all, usually it is a place with not closed tag, like “</message” or something. Then you should upgrade to 2.7 version (latest - 2.7.2), so it won’t repeat again.

  2. It should preserve your history. But you can backup your profile before upgrading (C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark). Usually with 2.7 versions it is enough to install new version on top (it will upgrade), but in your case i would do uninstall of 2.6.3 and then install 2.7.2 just to be sure everything is ok. When you do uninstall it doesn’t remove your profile, so you won’t lose history because of that.

  3. Can’t help with that. I think it is usually a server issue. You can try restarting the server to see if that fixes the issue. There is also a slight chance upgrading to Spark 2.7.2 will help, but i doubt.

  4. There is none that i know of. You would have to come up with some script to do this.

Thx wroot for fast reply, and sorry if my tagging bothering you and other people.

I want to ask some more questions to clarify my issues.

  1. If my friends get freezing when i chat with them, who will be need to delete the history chat log? my friend or me or both of us? How do i edit the chatlog to prevent bug instead of delete history chat? Just open it with notepad then find/delete error parts, then save?

  2. I 'll try your suggestion and feedback the result.

  3. About “not online” status error, i have contact admin to restarting the server several times but it hasn’t been fix. If the error still happens after the user upgrade their Spark client to 2.7.2, what else we can do to fix it?

  4. I dont have any experience with “script” so i still need help with this, if you guys can help me this i can track again the 1st problem and find which part of history chat is corrupts.

Thank again.

  1. The one who is freezing has a corrupted history. If they freeze when opening a chat with your, then they have a corrupted history file with you (Spark is storing history files in a separate file for every user). Yes, you can use notepad to edit them. I don’t have a corrupted history file to tell you exactly what to fix. But search for broken tags like </message and fix them by adding proper ending (). Or it maybe </messa ge>. Then remove unneded space in the middle. Then save this file and check if this helped. It is better to exit Spark before doing this.

  2. Can’t help with that.

  3. Can’t help with that either and i doubt you will get any examples of scripts here.

  1. a) make sure your/their privacy settings are not set to invisible mode

b) make sure they have accepted the friend request

  1. use the spark built in history viewer or online tools like this: XML Editor/Viewer Online -

(XML is a machine targeted output form, so its not supposed to look pretty for humans, it needs to be easily parsed by a computer)