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Help request with getting list of rooms

I’m trying to get a list of rooms available to a user using smack 4.3.1
this is the function I’m using at the moment

public void getRoomlist ()
MultiUserChatManager multiChat = MultiUserChatManager.getInstanceFor(connection);
Set rooms = multiChat.getJoinedRooms();
System.out.println("Rooms: " + rooms.size());
for (EntityBareJid room : rooms)

however it doesn’t list any rooms for a user I know should be able to access 2

I’m not sure if I’ve made an error or not, so any help is appreciated

The method getJoinedRooms() returns the list of currently joined rooms, not the list of all (accessible|available) rooms. It sounds like you want to call getRoomsHostedBy() with the local MUC service as argument.

could you provide an example of how to retrieve this info, I haven’t used the map data type
before so I’m a little unsure how to use it

any help is appreciated

Well the returned Map “maps” the XMPP addresses (aka “JIDs”) of the hosted rooms to a class which holds further information about that room.

Ah, so it works similar to a json data type then


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