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Help Starting the server


I am new to openfire and xmpp in general.

I opened openfire in eclipse as explained here in the documentation.

All I needed is a small twick that I already managed to do.

From here I have no idea how to go on. I come from the .Net world so I am new to eclipse as well, I can’t seem to run nor debug the project

when I try to do one of those action I get an error saying I am missing a file

— The begining of the message goes like this–

Critical Error! The home directory has not been configured,
which will prevent the application from working correctly.

ERROR 12323 [Jive-ERR] ():
java.io.FileNotFoundException: XML properties file does not exist: openfire.xml

and it continiues with more of the file not found exception.

I don’t know how to config this app … I don’t have an app.config like I am used to. if anyone can help and guide me how to start this server it would be great.

Another thing is, I don’t know where the output of this project goes ( exe and dlls) if anyone can enlighten me regarding this matter it would be great

Thanks a lot!


did you notice one of the Eclipse setup guides posted in http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/community/developers/openfire_dev?view=d ocuments ?


This is exactly what I did!

I followed

Openfire SVN + Eclipse 3.3 + Subversive Installation Guide

now when I try to debug or run … I can’t!

I get this strange error!

I would appreciate any help …



it seems you have forgotten or something goes wrong with building openfire. Please go to the Ant screen, expand the Openfire XMPP Server and double-click on openfire ant task and post the output from the console if an error occurs. And check in the VM arguments box (described in create project builder) for -DopenfireHome="$/target/openfire" in eclipse 3.3 or -DopenfireHome="${workspace_loc:openfire}/target/openfire" in version 3.4.

Best regards

I succeded in running the server … I read a little bit more and I found out that there is no need

for the $ in the vm arguments … it is suppose to be -DopenfireHome="target/openfire

now I can compile and run the server successfully, but another thing is bothering me now … after I run the server successfully and I get the

server to start listening on local host which is exactly what I’m looking for

but I noticed that the exit method on the page thread.class is called , is it suppose to be like this ?? I server is still runing

when I try sending a message from a client to local host on the port he listening to nothing happens …

can anyone help ??