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HELP ! The status of subscribers in the client of Spark 2.6.3 isn't displayed


OpenFire v.3.6 worked at CentOs v.6.4 . Today with one subscriber there was the following problem: the status at all subscribers in its contact list was offline though subscribers were in a network. On the server the same subscribers were online. At other users as, these subscribers were displayed as online. Reboot of the server didn’t help!

I already also updated OpenFire to v. 3.9.3 I removed this account and I created anew (with the same name), but changed nothing. I tried by means of clients of Spark 2.6.3 and Bria v.3 (XMPP).

However, if I create a new account on the server, with it all all right! Contacts in its list have the normal status.

Help how to correct a situation?

the administrator of this resource answered me the following:

“There are reports in the forums that using Openfire 3.9.2+ version with the clients running Pidgin is causing an issue that ghost sessions are being left on the server after the client reconnects (due to client’s PC going into standby, hibernate or by other means). This causes the loss of messages as the server sends new messages to the ghost sessions. The only quick solution to get rid of them is to restart a server. One can also downgrade to 3.9.1 version. The cause of this is not known so far, so there is no fix.”

However, reboot of the server doesn’t help! On the server I cleaned Cache. Where to look for the “hanged” session?

You are not using Pidgin client, so you are not affected by the issue described above. If a server restart doesn’t help, then something is probably corrupted in the database. I would suggest creating new user for this person, but not with the same username. Say now it has a username jsmith and name John Smith. Delete it and create a new username jsmith2 and name John Smith.