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Help to begin smack


i hav downloaded smack source code and build it using ant.what should i do next to begin it working?? is there an interface for smack?? or should i write code to develope an interface??

my second question is… i would like to integrate smack in my application.to be more specific my application is a university managmnt system.in this i would like to add a feature of chat to enable the users of this system to chat with each other.the web application i m using to run my system is tomcat and the server application is jboss.

so what should i further do to proceed?how do i integrate chat in my applicaton??

please help me…

i need this feature added soon…

thanks in advance…


Smack is simply an API which you can use to help you develop Instant Message applications.

It sounds to me that you would be better off having a look at Spark. Jives very own Instant Message client.

Full details of which can be found here


You should download the smack-API and read the documetation and javadoc inside. That is very helpful to get a quick beginning. In them there are many simple but complete sample code you can learn.