Help to configure intranet chat server

hi, i have installed and setup openfire 3.6.0 server fully with mysql, in my office linux server i.e. fedora core 9.

now that server has no fully quilified domain name to it. it has a hostname but though it stoped to resolve suddenly. from browser

e.g. http://sagar/

i added host name and i.p. address in my windows client machine. and then it started to resolve the server.

i am using exodus as a client to connect the internal server (sagar). using username amit@sagar. but it doesn’t works.

please give me all steps to be configure to connect the chat client to my openfire server. or suggest me other good chat client.

Why is this related to the Jabber University Network?

The probability to get an useful answer on this is much higher in the “Openfire Support” forum.

However…a few ideas:

  1. Are you sure Openfire is running? Are there error messages in the logfiles?

  2. Are ports 5222 and 5223 open in your servers firewall? Since it is an Fedora linux, ports are closed by default. For server-2-server connections you will also need to open port 5269.

  3. Have to tried to setup your IP address as hostname in Openfire? (you can change the hostname via AdminConsole)

You should create a new discussion in “Openfire Support” and post the link here.

thanks …

i have moved the thread to

will continue there.

it was mistake to post it here.