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Help triggering roster listeners entries updated


I recently finished writing the code for the entriesUpdated function of my roster listener.

However I’m having difficulty working out what will trigger it to see if it will work or not

If someone could tell me what would trigger this function I would really appreciate it

Best Regards

RosterListener.entriesUpdated() will be invoked when Roster entries are updated. :slight_smile:
A second client of the same user could for example modify the roster and rename an roster item. In such cases the first client will be notified about the roster change and Smack will invoke the callback.

Since Smack is also FOSS, I encourage you to look at the source code, especially the call hirarchy of entriesUpdated() , in an attempt to understand what is going on.

Thanks for getting back to me

I had looked at the javadoc but it didn’t really tell me much, it never ocured to me to
look at the source code

Best Regards

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