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Help: Using SIP(asterisk) with Spark

Dear community,

I hope someone can help me:

we have an asterisk(1.4…) and openfire(3.3…) server.

Both do work very well - we can use any softphone (like x-lite) or hardphone (like nokia e65) to make calls by using our asterisk. IM with Spark&openfire also works fine with IM-gateway and so on.

What we want now is:

Using spark (as it’s already installed for IM) as a softphone instead of x-lite for example.

So I did some research on this and my first impression was that I had to use “asterisk-im” to connect openfire&asterisk. Well - I’ve set this up, but unfortunately this seems not to be what I expected. I’m now getting a notification in spark, if someone calls my SIP number and if I “call” a number from spark, my SIP-phone rings and then establishes the connection - well, that’s not bad at all, but not what I wanted. I want to make the calls directly with the computer via a headset.

so I did some more research and it seems to me that asterisk-im is not capable of what I’m looking for. I found a project called “OSS Softphone for Spark” and there is a official “Softphone” plugin. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to set them up corrrectly. Well I can see the entries for these plugins after installation, but no options anywhere to make use of them??

So how can I achieve this? I’m pretty sure there exists a solution (plugin) for spark to turn it into a SIP softphone… does anyone please have some hints for me on this ???

thx a lot

aeehm, well guys - could it be possible that what I’m looking for is only possible with the enterprise edition of openfire???

I found this article:

It seems to describe what I want, but for enterprise version only?? …