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Help,who can send me the Spark sourcecode to me

Dear everyone,

I am kuan,you could call me Akuan, I am from china,Now I want to learn some IM System,so I search the relative topic on google.com.

It lists a lots of the relative topics including “Spark”. At last, I choose the “Spark” to study. But I don’'t know how to get the sourceCode.There is someone who

can send me the “Spark” sourcecode , I will appreciate her/him very much. Thank you.

my email is :kuankuo123@163.com

my msn is :kuankuo123@163.com

my google Talk is: kuankuo123@163.com

Thank you again.

Spark SVN Access: http://svn.igniterealtime.org/svn/repos/spark/trunk

Thank you for your response. But each time while I download form this address by tortoiseSVN, it always fails to download. so I hope there is someone coud send me a copy sourcecode by Email. Thank you.

my email: kuankuo123@163.com

Its doubtful that you will find anyone willing to send you the source via email. Subversion is very easy to use, if you are having problems with it you might consider asking in the Spark Dev fourm.