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Help Windows 2000 Java Memory Error

Hi I just setup Openfire 3.6.3 on a windows 2000 server with 2GB of memory. The Java memory is set to 64MB of memory and I can’t seem to get it increased. I am running openfire as a service and have tried entering the openfire-service.vmoptions file in the \openfire\bin folder but it still has not increased. I would really appreciate any help that you can provide.

Hi Brian

Once you have changed the openfire-service.vmoptions are you actually running Openfire as an application or a service ? You need to start Openfire as a service either through the services applet or going into a DOS prmpt and the Openfire\bin directory and using openfireservice /start (I think the apps called that)


I am already running it as a service. I create the two files as indicated and try to restart the service. If I create the files as indicated in the one file the service will not restart. I created the following 2 files:







Again when I try to restart it errors out. If I take the hyphen’s out of the files it will restart but nothing changes.

Reading the install guide, openfire-service.vmoptions is for the app running as a service and openfired.vmoptions is for running the exe itself from the …\bin dir.

One thing with the service, doe it have the correct permissions to open the file to read it ?

To read the openfire-service.vmoptions file?

Yes. What version are you running 3.6.3 ?

Yes I am running version 3.6.3.

here is a working file. get rid of yours. edit this as needed. this is the only file needed for the service.
openfire-service.vmoptions (20 Bytes)