Help with AD (no users were found using the specified configuration)

Like others this is beyond me why I’m unable to get this to work with LDAP and Active Directory on the initial setup.

I have Windows Server 2003 Enterprise AD controllers but my schema is up to date with 2008R2 changes as we’re migrating up.

Server type is Active Directory, I picked one of my DCs for the host and left the default at 389. I’m able to login using administrator@mydomain.internal as the test settings button works.

My domain looks like this:


/ OU -> Offices

/ OU -> Houston

/ OU -> NY

… etc.

so I figured to find all my users I would se thte Base DN to be:


And I got to the Profile Settings: User Mapping page, hit test and get: Status: Error: No users were found using the specified configuration.

I’m missing something very basic here–any clue would be most appreciated. I checked the documentation and other posts and I’m just missing something basic I’m sure.

Thanks in advance,


you answer your own question in your post.

the Base DN should be:


not sure why you would make it a cn when you know it is an ou

I tried that too and unfortunately that didn’t take either. I make no claims to be an expert in LDAP!

  • Steve

Well, giving it some time to come back, I verified my settings in ADSIEdit on a DC, and using


worked. The only thing I did differently was use uppercase for the address identifiers OU and DC.