Help with Group Chat sharing


I am trying to setup groups with the ability to share groups.

I am using Openfire 3.6.4, connected to our ldap. I have created a conference, added a new group, added users to the group.

So far everything is fine.

Under Users/Groups I’ve selected an active directory group, Enabled Contact list group sharing, selected another AD group to share it with.

I can see the Group and Users through my client (Spark).

I can chat one-on-one with anyone in the AD group. But I can’t join the AD group or find a way to join it. How can I do this?

I would like to either join the AD group or allow one group to have access to another gruop through Group Chat.


What do you mean by joining AD group? With LDAP integration Openfire has only read-only access to AD, so you can’t change anything in the roster from a client or from Admin Console (except for the sharing). Any changes should be done in AD itself. I think there is no restrictions on creating and joining group chats. Anyone usually can create a room and anyone can join that room (if there are no memberlist of allowed users set).

Thanks for the response…

Not sure what you mean by “no member list of allowed users set…”

I need to have a room setup for a department, so the department can see only those users. But also allow other users from other departments pop in from time to time.

Here’s what Im seeing so far.

I create groups in group chat and add users, individually. If I need them to be part of another group I have to add them again to that group.

For Active directory, I can see all the groups and users. I can give one group access to another group. What I mean by access is, they can see all the users in that active directory group only through spark… Allowing them to click on the users and select a task - like chat or add as contact, etc… I can’t use the AD groups as part of Group Chat…

My goal is to be able to create a room either through group chat or use an existing AD group and allow another group access to it instead of having to add individual users one at a time.


Ok. If i understood right this time, you want to use existing shared groups (which are in turn pulled from AD) as rosters in group chats. This is not possible. Group chat rooms can’t have a preset roster (at least i haven’t seen such thing). Room shows only those who have willingly joined the room. You can’t show offline users in a room either. So every user will have to manually join rooms, or they can set to auto join rooms on login, or they can receive an invite from someone (you can send it to whole group i think) and simply accept it and join the room that way.

Thanks for your help. There was a simple check box I was overlooking. It was “Make Room members Only”. After unchecking it I was able to share the room with everyone. This is good enough.

In order to show the groups in that users list I give access to an AD group and limit wha the users see.


Hi Bill,

We are using AD for authentication. Chat room is created through the Openfire admin Console. User and Group creation are created through AD. We are using openfire 3.6.0.

I have a request to create a chat room for members only. I click on the “Make Room members only” but I do not see to add users in the member list.

How did you add user in the group chat after you check “members Only”?



I found that the AD group is for viewable permissions only. Now you have to go to Group Chat and create another chat room, then go to permissions and add each user individually.

I’ve also found that users are authenticated through AD but you can’t add users to chat rooms through AD.

As far as the chat client, here’s where the AD groups you’ve created come in handy, you can share the groups with other groups… Problem is, its only through the client - viewable only, not chat room access.

Does this make any sence?

Good luck

Thanks Bill.

It works. I didn’t notice that the Permission link is available.

Thanks again.