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Help with LDAP

Hi, I am a total newbie and trying to learn OpenFire. I have tested it on my workstation with success (but no authentication) and now I am trying to set up my server so we can begin using in kind. I am at the Profile settings: Connection settings page and cannot get a response to the test. I have searched the net and cannot get it working. I am installing it on a 2008 R2 server.

I am unable to attach pictures, grrrrr so I have attached them. Essentially my Domain is FxxxSxxxx.Local We actually have three user containers – one for Users, one for Pxxxxxx Users and one for Exchange Users. We recently came out of a Novell Netware environment and I am still learning my way around MS land (*not that I could navigate that well in Novell, but muddled).

I have the base DN as cn=Users,cn=Pxxxxx Users,cn=Exchange Users,dc=FxxxSxxxx,dc=Local

and my Administrator DN as cn=Administrator,cn=Users,dc=FxxxSxxx,dc=Local

For my host is have used my DC name (FXXXDC), and even tried the internal ip.

I am stumped