Help with Openfire and Kraken IM Gateway

Hello everyone…

I just need a little help with Kraken.

We lost passwords of MSN that were saved in the configuration of integration with Kraken IM Gateway.

I can not recover through the “Forgot password” options in MSN because users do not know what data placed in the secret question or secondary email.

My only solution would be to see these passwords via the Openfire database to find out what password has been set for each user.

The password needed is not a user in Openfire but the one that was configured on the gateway to access the msn.

The database used is the default, HSQLDB … already located within the database file toselect to insert the password, but it is encrypted.

Does anyone know how I can see where this password or you can display it without encryption?

Thanks to everyone and I will be waiting for a response…

Regards, Eduardo.