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Help with Spark 2.5.8

**Hi All


**Well I am an employee of UNE epm Telecommunications Medellin / Colombia, here in the company handle Spark 2.5.8, I have problems when I create a conference room and do so permanently. I remain as manager of cuerto, invite fellow trabjo and ingersan normal, when I try to put ranks such as assistant moderator, administrator, and generally change the configuration of the room I was leaving the Spark, and I open when I go back again to cuerto has not taken any configuration, I can ayduar with this. **

** Thank you very much **

** PD: Sorry for my English**

I’m not sure i have understood you. I think this is not an issue with Spark, but more with the server. Though i dont see any problems. For me permanent room’s configuration is saved even after i leave that room in Spark. As about granting Moderator to someone, probably it is designed like that to last only for one session. It means you can grant Moderator rights only for a period of time this person is in this room. When he leaves the room - he looses the moderator rights. This is by design i think.

Ready already, thank you very much friend