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Help with SparkIM

Hello all

I’m fairly new to the SPARKIM world and i’m having a few issues. We have rolled it out across the organisation but for most people they are unable to run the application, When they click to launch nothing happens. However if i right click and run as the Domain Administrator it all works fine. Now i know this screams out Permissions issues but there are no policies set to stop users launching it and they have full access to the SparkIM directory.

Your advice is much appreciated.


Have you looked at the log files, located in, I think, C:\Program Files\Spark\logs?

What version are you running, 2.5.8? I faced a similar issue that boiled down to where Spark was storing the user preferences; see http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/SPARK-743 .


Thanks for your response although the link that you pasted i cant seem to get my head around alot of the information within it. I have noticed one thing that keeps cropping up so i dont know if anyone can point me in the right direction. On all the workstations having trouble launching Spark under Group Policy their My Documents folder is mapped to a new location on a server.

Can this be causing the issues that i am experiencing.


Here is a quick test that can indicate where Spark is trying to save properties. This is specific for Windows platforms.

Copy the following into a file named “PropertyTest.java”, and then execute the following two commands (This assumes that you have a Java JDK installed.)

javac PropertyTest.java

java PropertyTest

Make sure that your users can write to the appropriate directory displayed; version 2.5.8 of Spark writes to the user.home location; the HEAD version uses APPDATA.

public class PropertyTest
  public static void main(String[] args)
    System.out.println("user.home => [" + System.getProperty("user.home")+"\\Spark]");
    System.out.println("  APPDATA => [" + System.getenv("APPDATA")+"\\Spark]");