Hello guys, as you know have many topics that’s talk about how to increase java memory.

And really i tried every tips that was shown and really no one worked for me.

I’m runnig openfire as a service in windows server 2008.

I created the archive called: openfire-service.vmoptions and put into in



Saved and started the service of openfire again.

Logged on admin interface and for my suprise the memory still like the same.

Memória do Java

15.37 MB of 247.50 MB (6.2%) used

So what i have to do? Someone here has the same problem?

Other thing, for run a server for like 200 users what means the config?

I had a server with 1 processor intel xeon quad core and 4gb ram memory. It’s sounds good? :S

Thanks about the future answers

I don’t think you have to tune memory for just 200 users. I have 200 users ant it runs fine in a virtual machine with only 512 MB RAM, though it is running on a CLI only linux box.

Ok, but when u log on your web admin what u see in java memory?

Is it like mine?

Because i did the archive to increase memory as u read on my post, but it didn’t work, can u explain me why?

I mean when i created this archive i will saw something like 15.37MB of 2048MB for example.

Thank you.

I have never tried to tune Openfire’s memory so i’m not sure, maybe it doesn’t have to change on that page. Anyway, you shouldn’t look at this page as it doesn’t always show the correct info for the current moment. Even if it shows 99% this is only true for a short time and this is normal. You should only worry if your server begins to crash and write a lot of out of memory errors in the logs.