Hi and please dont shoot the newbie ;)

Hello everyone here in the openfire community. How are you?

Ok I have never done this before so please dont rage etc at me

I have installed openfire 3.7.1 on my windows r2 2008 64 bit server.

I clicked on the admin launch page and went thru the prompts to connect to a db etc admin password so that bit is done - so I assume its working.

Now what do I do lol?

I am trying the to do the config so openfire uses my websites user table (not finshed yet, as I am not really sure but tackling it)

but after I do that what are the best things to so people can use it.

Is there anyone that can take a look or give a brief run down or point me in the right direction.

openfire_cipher.py.zip (1806 Bytes)