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Hi, working on pre-v2 release. Trying to lock down able to create rooms


I’'m trying to lock down the ability to create rooms to a few people.

I put myself (and 2 other of my accounts) in the list and I get “unauthorized” when I try to create a room under each of them.

If I pull everyone from the list anyone can create a room which is expected.

What else can I provide to help?


Hey Michael,

If you are using Messenger 1.1 then make sure that your allowed JIDs are written in lower-case. Your JID must exactly much (considering upper/lower-case) the ones you add to the list. I fixed that problem for the upcoming version.

Let me know if you still have problems.


— Gato

I figured out what it was…

I tried using the bare name with just an id (say “catman”) and it didn’'t work… if I used the catman@systemname it did work.

Thanks for the mind joggle!

I will improve the UI to make it clearer what a bare JID is and also add a better validation.


– Gato

Thanks for all your hard work and quick/prompt replies!

You rule