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Hibernated Jabber users still appear signed on; messages discarded

We have users that sometimes hibernate their computer without first signing off of Jabber.


  1. The users still appear to be signed on.

  2. Any messages sent to a hibernated user are discarded, yet the person sending the message thinks they were delivered.

Anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes passes before the server discovers the user is in fact not there, but it typically takes first sending a message to the user before that timeout begins. The messages sent within that window are not delivered to the user next time he signs on.[/i] (“Didn’'t you get my message?”)


  1. Does Wildfire have a mechanism, such as a configurable ping interval, to discover severed connections?

  2. Are Jabber clients not required to confirm received messages?

it’'s an interesting issue that yuo bring up.

there’‘s been a lot of discussion on here about timing out connections that have died w/o disconnecting, but i don’'t recall much in the way of discussion about what happens to those messages.

Wifi crew. the jabber protocol touts reliable message routing. what is wifi’‘s criteria for deciding that a message has been delivered? shoulnd’‘t it not decide to dicard a message until the client confirms that it’'s been received? in the interim between a connection dying and wildfire figuring it out, this could be a real issue.

Psi automatically disconnects when the client is put into hibernate. (automagically goes offline with ‘‘Computer went to sleep’’)


  1. Not sure, it’'s up to TCP to do this I assume.

  2. There’'s ‘‘JEP-0079: Advanced Message Processing’’ to handle that, but I doubt anyone implements it at the moment.