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HIdden Rooms?

Does OpenFire support hidden rooms? That is, rooms that do not appear in any context that would let a user know of its existence? I would like to have a room which the user can only get to from my custom client and I don’'t want them e.g. launching Spark or some other XMPP client, discovering the room, and entering it. What is the best way to accomplish this? I was also thinking of password protecting the room and embedding the password in my custom client so that only that client can get the user into the room. How does that sound as a solution?

Any suggestions of comments are appreciated.


Bill Bailey

Hi Bill,

You can setup room trough admin console. In room administration page disable “List Room in Directory” switch. In addition you can set password here. To configure room using jabber check out sections 10.1.3 Creating a Reserved Room and 7.1.7 Password-Protected Rooms of XEP-0045