Hide address in fastpath web chat


Please ask me, as hide address: http://chat.mydomain.com:9090/webchat/chatmain.jsp?workgroup=support@workgroup.c hat.mydomain.com&chatID=yES9xlS2wK9090/webchat/chatmain.jsp?workgroup=support@workgroup.chat.mydomain.com&chatID=yES9xlS2wK

This address show when user start chat with agent.

Please help me. Thanks.

Yes, We have problem with location bar in pop-up webchat window.
How we can disable it?

location=no As I see in source code:

function popup(myform) {

window.open(’’, windowname, ‘top=’ + winUp + ‘,left=’ + winleft + ‘,height=’+height+’,width=’+width+’,location=no,resizable=no,scrollbars=no,stat us=no’);
myform.target = windowname;
return true;


In common.js I added toolbar=no

as well as I found this function in two scripts:

agentinfo.jsp: function popup(myform) {
userinfo.jsp: function popup(myform) {

and added: toolbar=no

As result we have:
window.open(’’, windowname, ‘top=’ + winUp + ‘,left=’ + winleft + ‘,height=’+height+’,width=’+width+’,location=no,toolbar=no,resizable=no,scrollb ars=no,status=no’);
but It did not help overcome problem.

We still can see location bar in pop-up chat webchat window.
In this location bar our users can see direct link to chat window i.e.
http://my.domain.com:9090/webchat/userinfo.jsp?chatID=t4Qthh1rWL&workgroup=suppo rt@workgroup.my.domain.com9090/webchat/userinfo.jsp?chatID=t4Qthh1rWL&workgroup=support@workgroup.my.domai n.com

We would prefer hide it.

Can somebody advice something?

Most newer browser now ignore the “location=no” option to prevent fishing. That is, you will always know what site you’re going as a security precaution.

The best way to deploy fastpath (since it was really built to be deployed on a webserver different than your openfire server, though you can put it on the same if you wish) is to install Tomcat (same or different server) and host the webchat.war there with a different domain name. See my post here on how to do it: