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Hide Admin user in user list

Maybe u can add some propertie to hide Admin user in userlist. It confuses me a little:) And i have deleted it accidentally once:D

Well, it’‘s a normal user account so I’‘m not sure it would make sense to hide it. However, perhaps we could provide a warning if you’'re deleting your own account.


there is a warning-string if somebody’'s deleting his own account in the translation file …

well, accidental deleting it’‘s not a problem i’‘m talking about. I just dont need this account on my userlist. I’‘m using other common user for myself (with my name as username etc.). Of course, i can add this user to admins in jive-messenger.xml, but i dont want. I’‘m using admin user only for administrating server (connecting to AC). So i have no use of having it in userlist. Pff… Well, it’‘s probably only my case, so i’'m not insisting on hiding it:) Just wanted to discuss this:)