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High CPU Usage Windows Server

Hello to everyone,

Before I decide to open this topic, I read every topic about my problem. Briefly, I changed xmpp.pep and increase java memory.
The version of Openfire is 4.2.3 (bundled JRE) on windows server 2017 x64 with MSSQL 2016. Without doing something, the cpu usage increased to 99% (openfire-service.exe) but OF continues to work. The memory usage of java is about 2.3% so I assume that this is not the problem.
If I restart the OFserver, the cpu usage is about 0% for 2-3 hours, after that I get the same result. I removed 4.2.3 and installed 4.2.1 with no difference. In addition, I tried to remove monitor plugin but the result was exactly the same. The logs do not contain something I can resolve this fault. Could anyone help me with this?