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High CPU usage

OpenFire 3.6.4 has been running just fine for several months on a Red Hat 4.1.2-46 box, and suddenly it’s starting to consume massive amounts of CPU periodically. It’ll run for several hours without a problem, and then the Java process starts to take up 300%+ of the CPU (as shown in the ‘top’ command, as if that were even possible). When this happens, users get kicked out of the chat rooms like crazy. As soon as I restart the OpenFire daemon, everything’s back to normal for a while.

I’ve upgraded to the 3.7.0 beta, and that hasn’t resolved the issue.

Please help!


there may be a memory problem, when the java process reaches it’s memory limit (Xmx vlaue) then the JVM will run a lot of garbage collections which take a lot of CPU cycles. Do you log the GC acivity or did you check the memory usage in the admin console?


How do I log the GC activity?

Never mind… I figured it out. Should I post the GC log the next time the problem occurs?

@Jonathan, Can you please let me know what was the issue and how you resolved it.