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High CPU with v3.6.3 +

After upgrading to the latest version on our production server the CPU has jumped up to about 30 to 40% constantly, and a lot of our customers could no longer connect to our server. We have on average 2000 people logged in at any time, but didn’t have a problem before installing 3.6.3.

We have now reverted back to 3.6.2 and the problem has gone away. CPU usage is back to 2%.

Also the RAM usage was extremely high and has now dropped back down to 130mb (it was up around 600mb with the latest version).

We would love to upgrade because of the flash cross domain socket server updates… but unfortunately this problem is preventing us.




Which plugins do you use? Are you using a connection manager? Which database?


PS. Flash domain updates? Did those make it into 3.6.3 or are you running a version distributed outside of ignite?

We are running on a high spec windows server.

Plugins are:

Presence Services


User Service

We also have our own custom plugin which has never been a problem. This is based on the User Service with some changes.

The cross domain updates were in the 3.6.3 release. We haven’t installed any minor builds.

We are using SQL Server which has always worked well.


This issue is still continuing.

We just updated to version 3.6.4 and the CPU was about 3 times higher than it was before.

Our high spec server reached 100% CPU with only 3500 people connected.

I have downgraded back to 3.6.2 again and the CPU has dropped significantly.

However even with this version (3.6.2) we can’t seem to get more than about 4500 people connect without having a bunch of scalability issues.

Our site uses the XIFF libraries to connect from the web and if a socket connection can’t be made then it connects using a bind connection.

We are running on a Windows Server 2003 server but are going to try and use Linux and see if that helps?

Has anyone experienced a similar issue with the latest versions of Openfire?

The change to the policy file server should help by putting more people on the socket connection which I would have expected to improve CPU if anything.

Any help would be great.