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High memory usage Openfire 4.6.1

We currently have an Openfire server with the following configuration:
15GB memory
Openfire: version 4.6.1
Linux Centos 8
Mysql version 8.2.2004.
Version Spark 9.3.4.
Integrated with Active Directory
Number of SIMULTANEA user connections, are ± 800 to 900.

After the openfire 4.6 was updated. 0.1 to I’m receiving a high memory usage alert from the server.
I noticed on htop, which has many processes called /opt/openfire/lib/startup.jar that shows in the current version, is it normal?
In this version, do you have any changes to the server parameters that should be adjusted to not use as much server memory?


I’m not sure what is triggering alerts (could be the physical server not being able to assign that 15GB that you configured), but generally speaking, for less than 1000 users, 15GB of RAM should be more then enough.

Without doing some kind of on-site investigation, it will be hard to diagnose this. If basic diagnostics (looking at the log files, etc) does not result in any clues, my advice would be to create a heap dump of the process, and analyze that. That’s pretty specialized work, though, which is best done by an experienced Java developer.

If this is growing over your head, you can try and enlist paid help from one of our professional partners.