High Memory Usage


I am running Spark, Pandion and MSN Messenger on my Windows 2000 Machine.

Pandion and Spark are connected to same Wildfire Server. The memory usage on Spark is quite high compared to Pandion and MSN Messenger

MSN Uses 20.5 MB

Pandion Uses 9.6 MB

Spark (2.0.4) uses 47.5 MB.

I am running MSN since quite a few days. Pandion is running since 4 hrs. Spark is running since 10 or 20 mins.

Why is this high memory usage for Spark?

Appreciate your kind suppport


Hi GS,

Spark is a java program and thus is uses a lot of memory, there’'s nothing you can do.


Lets hope that Java SE 6 is more memory friendly.