High Resource Usa after migration


We are trying to replace an old server with a new virtual server. Here is what we’ve done:

Old Server: desktop running XP Pro, Openfire 3.7.0, MySQL 5.1, 892 users (650ish actually active)

New VM: Server 2008 R2

I installed Java 6 U29 x64

Then I installed MySQL 5.5

I exported the database from the old server, then imported it on the new Server

I installed Openfire 3.7.1 on the new server, and copied conf and plugins from the old server

I copied the VMOPTIONS file from the old server and increased it to 512 MIN / 1536 MAX ram

I installed Openfire as a service and started it

All my users and groups are here, everything seems to work but; sitting here with 0 users logged in, the server is using 90-100% CPU and almost 900MB of RAM. That seems unreasonable, and I doubt it is going to work well to move our users to this. How can I figure out what is going on with this thing?