History Message Lost

I am using Spark 2.6.3 presents historical information is not complete Recent conversation on the dialog box Shows only the middle of finding out older I Spark history of each person on the list of messages is not fixed during the middle of the lost How full display all messages historical dialogue


Dialog box history message 12/26 to 1 / 19 but only display the message history to open 6 / 21

我使用Spark 2.6.3歷史訊息不會完整呈現


只會顯示比較舊的 中間的查不到




對話框歷史訊息12/26~1/19 但是打開歷史訊息卻只顯示到6/21

You can read about this problem in this thread http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/220017#220017 There is a problem with loading big history files in Spark, so it was limited to 5000 messages to show, but it shows first ones, not the last ones. Now develoeprs are discussing different solutions. Probably doing the pagination (week by week or month by month). Also it was filed as SPARK-1407

You can try setting the limit higher adding maximumHistory=xxx into spark.properties